Caravan holidays are more popular than ever, but with the increase in popularity there is a downside: traffic.

Driving to your destination with a fully laden caravan can be tiring and stressful for the whole family and can take away the relaxation that a holiday brings; couple that with the dreaded post-holiday journey home and you may feel that you need a holiday just to get over the holiday!

Our vehicle transportation system is perfectly suited for the safe and efficient delivery of your caravan to the destination of your choice, leaving you free to enjoy the journey with your family, whether by car or by train. In most cases we can deliver both the car and the caravan to your destination allowing you to travel in complete relaxation.

As professional vehicle transportation specialists we are fully experienced in caravan deliveries and are well aware of the relevant legislation.

Pac Motor Company can also advise you on the best form of delivery methodology to suit your needs and offer comprehensive insurance facilities to cover all eventualities.

Call our transportation team on 0191 567 5879 and start your Caravan holiday in style.