Specialist Car Concierge Services

Fly-in Inspection

At the PAC Motor Company, we understand how personal the car buying experience is. You need to touch, feel and smell the car, especially when it can be one of life’s major purchases. This is why we will be delighted to transport you to and from one of the local airports, either Newcastle or Teesside and take you to our showroom where you can view or test drive the car of your dreams. Or better still, drive your new car away!


Consultancy Services

Exotic and prestige cars by their very nature are sometimes the prima donnas of the road and you should always be aware of the little foibles that some of these cars have. This is why we offer a consultancy service to our buyers. We like to know your lifestyle, where you live, what your driving habits are and what your dislikes and irritations are when it comes to motoring. From this profile we can let you know the positives and negatives of owning your choice or car might be. We can save you hours of frustration and possibly help you to avoid an expensive motoring mistake. We know prestige cars and exotica inside out and we will tell you what to expect from a car and even suggest the perfect car for your needs – even if we don’t have it in stock! From your specification sheet we can even arrange to source the best model available from our nationwide network of contacts. That’s our Concierge Car Consultancy in a nutshell.

Personalised Registrations

We work with the best in the industry when it comes to sourcing personalised registrations. Using state-of-the-art search facilities we can search the UK for the registration combinations you specify and then help you to negotiate the best price for the cherished number.

We will also help with the registration transfer and the creation and installation of premium number plates bearing your cherished registration.


Customise Your Car

Car customisation is the ultimate self-expression in personal transport. Make your car your own by choosing options from our total range of customisation features. Whether you need the ultimate in-car media system, performance enhancements or a bodywork makeover, we have the perfect solution for your needs. We can even ‘update’ your car to a newer model by using bodywork and trim enhancements!

Challenge our team to create the perfect car personalised to your needs – we love to push our creative talents.

Thinking about selling your specialist car?

Contact us now to see how we will help you get more money for your vehicle than you would expect in a part exchange or even selling the vehicle privately.