Prestige & Classic Car Transportation

I have an important question for owners of Luxury, Prestige & Performance Cars:

How do you Safely and Securely  transport your vehicle over long distances?

The most common way is to drive the car.

But driving an expensive, finely tuned car over a long distance has inherent problems…

Risk of damage

Your car is exposed to the elements – rain, snow, grit and also to other associated hazards while driving – poor road surfaces, bad drivers or even stones and other road detritus that has the potential to damage your vehicle.

Time consuming

Time constraints – as the owner of a fine motor vehicle it is obvious that time is precious to you and you may not have the time available to drive your car any distance, particularly if it is being taken abroad.

Not a viable option

Certain vehicles, especially track, ultra- high performance marques and many classic vehicles are not designed to travel on the road for any length of time.

When it comes to having your car transported
you appear to have several options:

1. The tow-hitch option


  •  Cheap


  • Car being carried exposed to the elements
  • potential damage from road debris
  •  unwanted viewers seeing the vehicle being transported
  • trailer potentially unstable.
  • no protection for vehicle in the event of snaking or capsizing due to tyre blow-out.
  • may not comply with the law – EU Drivers Hours and Tachograph Law, towing weight regulations
  • if non-compliant, your vehicle will not be insured against theft or damage.

2. The Open Car Transporter


  •  probably legally compliant
  • qualified drivers
  • probably insured


  • car being carried exposed to the elements
  • potential loose road debris damage
  • unwanted viewers seeing the vehicle being transported.

3. The Pac Motor Company Custom-Designed, Covered Car Transporter


  • 100% legally compliant
  • specially designed to transport high-value cars safely and securely
  • fully insured
  • discrete – no-one can see what is inside the transporter
  • vehicle fully protected from the elements
  • secured by custom-designed locking systems to prevent both movement and damage to the vehicle
  • uniformed driving staff fully trained and aware of how to handle their precious cargo – your vehicle
  • principal with over 40 years’ experience in luxury and prestige cars
  • extremely high levels of customer satisfaction
  • professional, dedicated service with written service agreements, guaranteeing specific outcomes
  • relatively low cost solution to high-value car transportation services.


  • In high demand therefore limited availability! (especially during the football close season when the players want their cars delivered to their holiday destinations).

So, if you had a £300,000 Ferrari that you wanted transporting across the country – or even abroad – which option would you choose?

The PAC Motor Company solution

We believe that we have the ultimate solution to this problem – the Pac Motor Company Prestige and Classic Car Transportation Service, a service designed to provide safe and reliable delivery of high value vehicles.

The service has been specially designed to transport the most precious of marques, safely and securely to their destination, no matter the distance.

The operation is overseen by prestige and luxury car specialist Paul Cummings, who has over 40 years’ experience in the motor trade and is a long –standing member of the Institute of Motor Industry (MIMI).

Paul has hand-picked and trained liveried drivers for the transporter to ensure total professionalism and maximum customer satisfaction.

Every detail has been taken into account in this transporter to ensure the maximum care for your vehicle.

The transporter can handle a wide range of cars from extremely low supercars, right up to Range Rovers and has been extensively tested to ensure that each car type can be transported safely, securely and, most importantly, under cover, protecting the transported vehicle from the elements and associated road hazards.

Our specially-designed transporter was originally used to transport Ferraris around the UK and offers a host of features including:

For your Prestige and Classic Car Transportation needs throughout the UK and Europe, call the Logistics Manager at PAC Motor Company on 07712079300


A low-loading ramp system to enable the safe loading of low ground-clearance vehicles


Protective covers for vehicle anchor points to ensure the vehicle is prevented from moving while providing maximum protection for anchored elements


A lockable sliding cover that permits easy access to the vehicle by authorised personnel

Holiday villa transportation services

Many of our current clients have holiday homes abroad and prefer to use their own vehicles.

Having their car professionally and securely transported to and from their holiday destination is the perfect solution for them and is much in demand throughout the year.

Holiday villa transportation services

To discover more about this unrivalled service

  •  contact our mobile concierge service on 07712 079300.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Trade Plate Delivery Service

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